While the Nation Slept

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While the Nation Slept

Metzger David

David Metzger is a champion of small business. His mission is to bring awareness to the innovation being created by small firms and the many struggles they face. Dave’s widely known for his work on the Small Business Innovation Research Program (SBIR), and has presented more than 160 times on the subject. Dave was formerly a partner in the Government Contracts group of the national law firm of Arnold & Porter LLP

These stories make me feel that I am not alone in dealing with DCAA, who ran us through a very similar experience as the one you describe in the book, and the Navy who is running roughshod over our SBIR rights, private intellectual property, and trade secrets. The information here is very helpful and I would recommend this book to any SBIR company—especially to one that is having an unexpected rough go of it with the government. Well done.

– Larry Kutt
Altitude Control Technologies

Mr. Metzger’s book, “While the Nation Slept: The Struggle of Small Innovative Businesses in the U.S.,” is about the origin and development of the Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) program. SBIR is not one program, strictly speaking, but a program administered by almost a dozen different agencies using funds appropriated for research, but which target some of those funds toward the small business community of inventors/entrepreneurs. As related by Mr. Metzger, SBIR has been part of the federal contracts environment for decades. As a mature program, one would think that by now federal agencies had mastered its policies and provisions. However, Mr. Metzger insightfully demonstrates that most agencies are still in dire need of SBIR training for both their program and contracting staffs, who continue to mismanage SBIR contracts to the detriment of fledgling small businesses. The book is sprinkled with interesting case studies that pointedly highlight these unfortunate but all too typical episodes. Based on his wealth of SBIR knowledge and experience, Mr. Metzger concludes with persuasive arguments for overdue program enhancements. Each of his recommendations could serve to enlarge the contributions inventors participating in the SBIR program make to this valuable segment of our economy.

– Peter A. McDondald

Book Release


We are excited to announce the projected release date for While the Nation Slept is September 6, 2016. The book is available for pre-order now.

What’s Happening on SBIR/STTR

In the next month or so, I will be publishing a book on the struggles of small innovative firms in the U.S. It tells about the unheralded contributions these firm make to our economy and way of life, but also about the struggles these firm suffer in the arduous journey from idea to product. A parallel story run through it – the struggles of the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program, which in recent years has had its own struggle to survive. The reauthorization of the 2000 SBIR/STTR act took three years, endured 14 temporary reauthorizations, and did not end … [read more]

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